How Online Quitclaim Deed Helps in Marital Separation?

A quitclaim deed is a legal document used to convey an interest in real property without any warranty. The transferor of the property doesn’t give assurance regarding property title or ownership to the recipient.

Non-Warranty Deed

There are numerous situations when the quitclaim deed can be used. During issue resolution of marital properties, the deed can be beneficial. The separating spouse can create online quitclaim deed Washington state for the property to be relinquished. Thus, it offers a simple way to separate.

But there are other situations where this deed is equally valid. It can be used for estate planning, transferring rights to a member of family or someone, changing the name, or correcting spelling error as it appears on the title. Clearing a cloud from a title is common usage where lenders are involved, and the chain of title is unclear. It is also used when transferring real property into a business entity.

Statutory Requirements

Before a quitclaim deed can become, it has to meet various legal requirements. The deed has to be in writing; all the parties in the deed need to sign it. It has to be acknowledged by the notary public or any other authority which does it. Any deed meant to be used in Washington state has to mee the legal requirements of the state.

However, when a quitclaim deed is related to separate or community properties, the deed must bear the legal description of the property. It includes the complete details of the property, its lot number, or other number used. In the absence of these details, the deed can’t be entered in the county records.

Using Deed During Separation

The use of quitclaim in divorces is pretty common. It’s easy to use, comes at a low-cost, and is effective. In some situations, quitclaims are safe, and separation and divorce proceedings in one such situation. When one spouse transfers their interests in the property, he or she’s sure that there are no encumbrances to it.

Further, during the divorce, if a court decides about the ownership of the marital property, the quitclaim deed is the most effective tool used to transfer or quitclaim.

Creating Quitclaim Deed Online Helps

Resolving marital property issues during marital separation can be peacefully done with the help of a quitclaim deed. It’s effective and doesn’t cost much. Visit any legal forms site, use quitclaim deed form Washington state and create the deed in no time.

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