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Bill of Sale for Car: How Do You Write Car Bill of Sale in Oklahoma?

A bill of sale is a legally valid document that records your car’s sale and provides the necessary information about the vehicle and the terms of the sale. It is a good idea to create the auto bill of sale Oklahoma to prevent a misunderstanding between you and the buyer. If you want to sell your car, visit a legal form site to check out bill of sale form Oklahoma online.

Need for Bill of Sale

It the document that proves that you have sold an item in exchange for a particular amount. While doing the same, you have transferred the buyer the obligations and rights for the property. It also means that you should disassociate yourself from the car even if you are attached to it.

Which Details Are Required to Write a Bill of Sale for Car?

• Which personal property is being sold? While you are creating a bill of sale for car, you can also create it for watercraft, boat, aircraft, animal, furniture, trailer, bicycle, or other firearms.

• Where is the property located? For instance, if your vehicle is located in Oklahoma, the rules of the state will be applied. If you are creating the BOS online, it will be customized for the state. Further, the details of the county and borough are also mentioned in the same.

• Complete details of the motor vehicle need to be mentioned in the BOS. It’s make, year, model, body type, odometer reading, VIN, are provided in the bill of sale. Is the odometer reading accurate? If the odometer reading has been replaced and repaired, its details have to be provided in the BOS as well.

• The details of the seller have to be mentioned in the BOS. The name of the first seller, the address would be needed. You can also add another seller in the BOS.

• Who is the purchaser? The name and address of the first purchaser are needed. You should also add the details of other purchasers if they are there.

• Price of vehicle, sales tax, form of payment is mentioned in the bill.

• Details of Loans and Liens are there in the bill-of-sale.


When you are creating car bill of sale Oklahoma, the additional clauses in the bill are also provided.


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