7 Things to Know Before Renting the Property in Illinois

If you’re considering renting a property in Illinois, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities. The Illinois Rental Lease Agreement lays out the terms of a lease agreement between landlord and tenant. Both parties need to read this document before signing on the dotted line to understand their obligations. Read on for our 7 Things to Know Before Renting the Property in Illinois!

  • Rent

There is no set amount or frequency for rent payment in an Illinois rental contract, but it should determine how much per month/year and when precisely those instalments are due (usually on the first day of every month). The point here is to know your responsibilities as a renter AND make sure that your monthly payments will not conflict with other bills such as car insurance or student loans.

  • Maintenance

It is one of the most crucial facts of any Illinois rental lease agreement! When you rent, you are legally responsible for maintaining your apartment (whether it’s a studio or an estate) so make sure that this clause in your contract specifies what needs to get done and when before signing on the dotted line. It should also determine who pays for repairs if something goes wrong, such as broken windows or plumbing issues. It could be worth negotiating with your landlord during negotiations before committing to renting anything at all.

  • Pets allowed

Pets are not typically included in Illinois residential leases unless specified by both parties since they can cause damage/disrupt the residents’ peace.

  • Utilities covered

It’s important to know if your Illinois rental lease agreement includes utilities-especially electricity, gas, water/sewer, or telephone! You may want to inquire about how much you will be paying for these monthly fees before signing anything, which could end up being expensive in the long run.

  • Security deposit

It is an area that many renters don’t think about until something goes wrong such as a broken appliance. Your Illinois landlord can charge you for damages done by intentional and unintentional causes. Still, they cannot hold it against you indefinitely even after returning it with interest (usually within 30 days). The security deposit should typically cover any unexpected repairs caused by regular use within six months.

  • Damage Inspection

During an inspection period (usually 48 hours), you can consider any normal wear and tear on the property as acceptable. However, after this time, if there is no written notice from either party saying otherwise, normal wear and tear will be considered acceptable damage.

  • Correct Identification

Make sure to get your landlord some current identification such as a driver license, social security card, work ID with photo, etc. Some landlords also prefer copies of personal checks rather than originals if possible for an added safety measure which is understandable. Any reliable company should be willing to do so without issue but don’t forget your bank may require at least one original check for new accounts anyway, so ask ahead.

Illinois Rental Lease Agreement can be complicated. These seven things will help you understand better before you sign a lease agreement for your property in Illinois. If you have any further queries about leasing property in Illinois, please don’t hesitate to contact Forms.legal directly! They offer affordable rates on legal services tailored just for landlords and tenants so that everyone has an opportunity to share their story without breaking the bank. Some of their most popular forms include residential leases agreements as well as commercial lease agreements. Let them show you what they can do with this form today!

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