Going For Legal Separation In Alabama? Here Is What You Should Know!

Are you looking for ways to get separated from your partner?  Most couples often get confused between legal separation and divorce. The local law of the states that in the legal separation, there is a court determination of the rights and responsibilities of the husband and wife that arises of the marital relationship. An order of legal separation will not terminate the marital status of the parties.

In most of the states, the couples have to wait for a stipulated period as dictated by the State to lapse before they can file for the divorce. If the separation has to be considered legal and recognized by the court, the parties will have to submit proper documents with the domestic court. These have to be approved by a judge, so that is termed as a court order. The order will mention the rights and obligations of both parties and going against the decree will be a contempt of court.

Is Legal Separation a Must?

When a married couple is not able to resolve their differences, they will opt for legal separation. They prefer separation because they think that their marriage can be saved in future. The separating couples want to have the child support to be a part of the separation agreement, and they want to come it directly from the other spouse. Then there may be religion issues which will not allow a couple to get separated but not get divorced.

The Alabama legal separation will cover almost everything that the divorce will cover. It will include child support, clarify the debt obligations. It also explains who will be responsible for the paying the insurance, will take care of the child, provide alimony and other things the parties want to get included. The agreement lays down the responsibility of each party so that none feels oppressed.

After the marital separation agreement is filed in the court, it will become a legally enforceable court order. The parties can dissolve it anytime to go back to their original marital status, or they can go ahead and file for divorce. There is no waiting period for divorce in Alabama.


There are many legal forms site in the US where you can download the Alabama legal separation form. Most of these sites offer free subscription during which you can create and edit the documents for free.

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