5 Marital Issues That May Cause Separation!

Problems are there in almost every marital relationships. But when the gravity of the issues becomes unbearable, couples seek divorce. When the marriage will survive or not, depends on the problem and how the couple decides to deal with it. Those couples who can resolve conflicts are likely to save their marriages. Here are the top marital issues that may cause divorce:

1- Money

Lack of it is the most significant cause of marital problems. While most couples argue over the bills, outstanding debts and other financial issues, it is up to you on how you decide to deal with it. If the husband has a low income job, but the wife has expensive taste, the problems are going to be there. In such a situation, the other spouse has to learn with their limits. Further, he or she needs to understand that spousal may not be there after separation, and then it will be very challenging to maintain such expenses.

2- Children

Discipline, diet and other parenting issues can be a source of disagreement between the couples. Having is a child causes stresses in marriage and who will be responsible for child care might be an issue. Then who will take care of them during childhood until they become self-reliant? Even when the couple is filing their marriage separation agreement, it has to be mentioned who is going to take the custody of the kids and who will give the child support to the dependent kids.

3- Intimacy

There are couples who even after being in a marital relationship could not get intimate. They are not satisfied with their intimate life, and when one of spouse starts to look out, it causes stress and makes the marriage unstable. If you are withholding intimacy just to punish the spouse, it may lead to a martial bond fissure in the marital bond.

4- Long Distance Marriage

The time apart and a lack of quality time together can cause the couples to be out of sync with each other. When you live in the same home, have common interests, and interact regularly, it helps the couple to stay connected.

5- Expectations

Although we have some expectations from the marriage, when they are too high or are unmet, we become disillusioned. Such unmet expectations are a significant source of conflict and lead to separation.


There are many online service providers where you can create a marriage separation agreement by providing relevant details. However, separation is not in the best interest of the family.

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